Simple Ways to Make Money Online

Long commutes, office politics and stuffy work clothes leave many people longing for jobs they can work from home. There are many companies who have recognized the benefits of hiring employees to work from their home offices, and there are many remote job openings for the right candidates. Finding the right ways to earn money online is a matter of knowing where to look.


Customer Service


One of the most common ways to earn money online is by working in the customer service sector. There are many large companies that hire representatives to take calls, conduct online chat and make outgoing calls from home. Companies like Intuit, Carnival Cruise Line, Apple and Comcast use customer service agents who work from their home offices. These agents use special software, headsets and office phones to conduct their work from remote offices across the country.


Some customer service agencies often hire temporary workers during peak seasons. You can find work with 1-800 Flowers in the months leading up to Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day.


Content Creation


On the Web, content is king. Businesses both small and large need ongoing content for their online presence, from blog postings to articles, videos and more. There are many agencies that hire writers, graphic designers and editors to create content for the Web. There are also online marketplaces like Envato Market that allow you to create graphic work and sell it online.


If you are good at photography, there is a huge demand for photos for use in stock photography. Webmasters use these photos on their websites and blogs, and will pay you a premium for the right shots. You can sell your work to sites like and Shutterstock and get paid royalties every time someone purchases your work.


Bloggers always need fresh content, so if you have a way with words, you can make money by writing for the Web. Sites like Textbroker, WriterAccess and The Content Authority hire writers to create original works for use on blogs, news sites and social media pages.


Inbound and Outbound Sales


There are several companies that hire sales agents to work from home., The Reading Programs and World Travel Holdings all hire agents to sell their products from their home offices. Most of this work is inbound sales, meaning you simply sell to people who are calling in for information or to purchase a service. These companies often pay a generous salary and commissions. While some are seasonal, there are others that retain their staff permanently.


Odd Jobs


There are ways to make a little extra cash on the side by doing odd jobs on the Web. Sites like Fiverr allow you to do little tasks for five dollars each. Create a funny video, write someone’s name in the sand or draw a caricature and get five dollars each time. Many people make a full-time living on this site. You can also sit on mock juries, take surveys and do small administrative tasks on the Web for extra cash. Sell books on Amazon and rack up cash in a flash.


When it comes to making money on the Web, there are many ways to make a quick buck. From customer service jobs to serving on mock juries and writing content, you can find the right way to make a living without ever leaving home.

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